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Nutrimax (Pot Of 180 Capsules)

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Nutrimax supplies the highest quality multivitamin mineral micronutrients to support optimal health.

Optimal health is about feeling and being well which means good physical and mental performance and body state and good immunity.

In these days of nutrient depletion of the soil, high stress, fast and processed and cooked food we may all be subject to nutrient deficiency, no matter how good we feel our diets are.

Nutrimax is carefully balanced using 27 nutrients in proportions to provide daily nutritional support in quantities that allow safe continual usage.

All forms of minerals are chosen to be easily absorbed and all forms of vitamin are in a form that the body uses. Most companies use cheaper forms of vitamins that rely on adequate enzymes and the body’s ability to convert these to a bioavailable form. Notably the folate included in this multiple is in the bioavailable form of methyltetrahydrofolate, the form needed by people with problems converting folic acid and the only folate that can cross the blood brain barrier.

All minerals in any supplement are in a compound form, for example Magnesium is a metal but in a compound form such as magnesium citrate it becomes available to the body. However only 16% of this compound is magnesium, which means a lot of compound needs to be included to attain adequate levels of this mineral in a daily supplement. This also applies to Calcium compounds.

This then makes the volume of ingredients for daily requirements impossible to squash into one 500mg capsule.

This is why the daily dose of multiples may appear quite large, for Nutrimax we recommend 5 capsules daily.

However we have put sufficient capsules in a pot to cover a month’s supply.

People on raw wholefood organic diets where the micronutrient level intake is better may prefer to take a lesser dose.

As with all products Metabolics uses the highest quality control manufacturing processes, ingredients being identity tested and finished product passed with microbiological and heavy metal clearance from independent laboratories.


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