Our last pricing adjustment was over 7 years ago and raw material prices have changed a lot in that time – some have risen some have fallen. Over the last 2 years we’ve also accumulated data to give us an extremely accurate picture of what every product costs to manufacture. By combing the variation in raw material prices with the clarity of production costs, we’re making some adjustments to how our products are priced. This is a pricing adjustment so some prices will be going up, whereas we have also been able to bring some prices down and pass that saving directly on to you. For example, products with many ingredients are costly to manufacture. We have some of the most comprehensive multiple products on the market. Some of these will see price increases to reflect the true cost of manufacturing products with such a complete range of ingredients. Other products will see a notable price reduction as some raw material costs have reduced in the time since we first started manufacturing the product.

Free Delivery
We have previously offered free economy delivery in the UK on all web orders over £25. We are extending this so that you are now eligible for free economy delivery on all web orders in the UK, regardless of value. Orders placed over the phone will be charged for the selected postage option. 

Payment Changes 
We will no longer be accepting American Express. The charges for handling AMEX payments have become untenable. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


The current style white plastic bottles containing 250 ml/500 ml liquid supplements are changing to amber PET plastic medicine style bottles

They are high quality, food grade, glass-look plastic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) a durable material with excellent moisture and impact protection. 

The amber bottles help to filter out potentially harmful UV rays, therefore protecting light sensitive products, helping preserve the quality, efficacy and storage of our products. The bottles have tamper evident caps.

PET plastic is also fully recyclable. 

USA Market only

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently finalized significant changes to food, beverage  and supplement labelling, including updates to daily values, serving sizes, the nutrition facts chart, and more. The changes became effective July 26, 2016 with compliance dates of July 2019

Metabolics are implementing these changes now (April xth 2017) with every new batch of product manufactured and destined for the USA market.

We are also adding manufacturing dates to our USA labels.

The new "Manufacture Date" printed as ‘Mfg:04/2017’ printed on labels represents the date upon which the product was produced and is your assurance of quality. At Metabolics we pride ourselves on producing high quality products manufactured to GMP standards with HACCP certification. For the majority of our product range we would consider them to be stable for two years with exceptions to this being the Probiotic’s and some Liquid Vitamin products which are considered stable for one year.