Why you should be including berries in your diet

We all know that fruit and vegetables are important to include in our diets, but berries specifically can offer a whole host of nutritional benefits.

This article ’11 reasons why berries are among the healthiest foods on earth’ from Healthline lists many of the nutritional benefits that come with incorporating berries as part of your diet, including their antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties.

Perhaps one of the best things about berries is that they can be enjoyed as part of a variety of diets as they are a fruit that is low in carbohydrates and low in calories comparatively

Vitamin C and skin health

Vitamin C is usually associated with immunity but it is also vital for the maintenance of a range of bodily functions.

The article ‘Vitamin C for improved wound healing’ from Pharmacy Times explores the vitamin’s role in skin health and maintenance. While the article highlights that lower vitamin C levels are associated with aged and damaged skin, it also is quick to note that this could just as easily be correlation rather than causation.

That being said, it also mentions several studies that show improved wound healing with vitamin C supplementation in those who previously had low levels of the vitamin.

dark chocolate for cardiovascular health

Can dark chocolate support cardiovascular health?

The benefits of chocolate and cocoa have been debated for many years, with many studies looking to explore the relationship between the nutritional properties of cocoa and our health.

The article ‘Dark chocolate consumption linked to improved markers of cardiovascular health in new study’ looked at a study from researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra in Portugal, which explored the relationship between a 90% cocoa product, a 55% cocoa product and cardiovascular health.

Improvements of several markers of cardiovascular health were noted in the higher cocoa trial group but, like many of the other studies looking at the health benefits of cocoa consumption, the study only suggested a correlation, with further research needed.

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