Link between spearmint and cognitive support

There have been studies in the past that link spearmint with enhanced reaction time, focus and even an energy boost but this recent study as published in this article from NutraIngredients USA suggests that spearmint might also support further cognitive functions such as attention span.

The study looked at the impact on 142 recreationally active men and women who consumed 900 mg of spearmint extract for 90 days and then evaluated their performance in a series of cognitive tests.

One of the study’s authors, Dr Jordan R. Moon, said of the findings, “The 11% improvement in sustained attention is an important cognitive benefit for a wide range of individuals, both at work and during recreational activities.”

Link between nuts and brain health

A study from researchers at the University of South Australia has found that continued consumption of nuts long term could support cognitive health in older people.

The study, as reported in the article ‘A nutty solution for improving brain health’published by Science Daily, looked at 4,822 Chinese adults aged over 55 years old and found that eating more than 10g of nuts a day had a positive correlation with improved mental functioning.

It is worth considering that this study, while of a substantial sample size, evaluated only the effect on the Chinese elderly.

cod health benefits

Health benefits of cod

Cod can be overlooked when it comes to its health benefits, especially when compared to its oily relatives, but it actually boasts a whole host of beneficial nutrients for supporting a normal, healthy lifestyle.

These benefits were outlined in the article ‘What to know about cod’ by MedicalNewsToday and cover the following:

- High in protein
- Omega-3 fatty acid
- A good source of vitamins, including B12
- Mineral content, including potassium, phosphorus and selenium.

The article was quick to point out, however, that there are many ways of consuming cod that aren’t potentially as healthy as cooking the fish from scratch by baking or grilling, and that it may be better to avoid frying the fish or buying ready-made cod food products.

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