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What are botanical supplements

Botanical supplements are food supplements that are made from parts of plants or herbs. As they come from a wide range of different plants, botanicals are used in a variety of ways to supplement a variety dietary needs. Botanicals can use different parts of a particular plant, including the root, bark and plant extract, to form the botanical supplement and will state as much on the supplement label. Botanical supplements have been used by humans for much of our history, with archaeological evidence suggesting that the use of plants in a medicinal manner dates back some 60,000 years. The use of botanicals has been documented around the world from an early age, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece and evidence found dating back to the use of seeds in Bronze Age China and herbs used in ancient India. Today, the use of botanical and herbal supplements is prevalent across the UK, Europe, the US and especially across Africa, China, India and Indonesia.

How is a botanical different to vitamins and minerals

Botanicals, as plants, different from vitamin and mineral supplements as they are the raw natural ingredient, containing a mix of vitamins and minerals. Where a vitamin and mineral supplement may contain a certain amount of the specific nutrient in question from either a natural or, most frequently, a synthetic source so as to deliver the required NRV, a botanical or herbal supplement acts, essentially, as a natural multi-vitamin or mineral, containing a breadth of nutrients.

How to use botanical supplements

Botanical supplements come in a range of forms; capsules, powders and liquids. This means they can be used in a variety of ways, where capsules and powders can be sprinkled on top of food, if this is easier to take, but it is always recommended to consult your healthcare practitioner and the supplement label. Just because botanical supplements are derived from plants and are considered natural does not mean that all botanicals are safe. As with any food, when taken in excess or when mixed with medication, botanicals can have the potential to make you ill. It is always recommended to consult your healthcare practitioner before you start taking a botanical supplement. You should also be sure to read the label of the supplement carefully. All products in the Metabolics Botanical Supplements range are made to strict GMP standards, without any hidden fillers, emulsifiers binders or stabilisers. All of the Metabolics liquid supplements are made using only purified water, purified to 18.2MΩ, making them as effective and pure as possible.

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