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Enzymase (Pot Of 60 Capsules)

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Natural enzyme production decreases with age. Enzymes are needed to break down proteins, fats milk sugars and carbohydrates from food and toxic compounds in the body. High levels of toxic compounds can contribute to oxidation and inflammation in the body. Deficiency of digestive enzymes may contribute to digestive discomfort including stomach cramps, abdominal bloating, wind and diarrhoea.

Metabolics Enzymase contains the following ingredients:

Bromelain is derived from pineapple and breaks down proteins. It breaks down protein equally well in either the acid environment of the stomach or the alkaline environment of the small intestine.

Papain is found naturally in pineapple and is also involved in the breakdown of proteins.

Amylase is a natural enzyme in the body that helps break down complex carbohydrates to simple sugars. Alpha Amylase (found in Metabolics Enzymase) breaks down starch to maltose.

Cellulase although not produced naturally in humans, it breaks down the carbohydrate cellulose that is found in plant cell walls. If plant cell walls are broken down, the available nutrients in the cell can be released.

Lactase is an enzyme required in the small intestine to digest the lactose found in milk and dairy foods, converting it to galactose and glucose. If lactose is not digested it remains in the digestive system where it ferments and causes digestive discomfort. 33% of people are lactose intolerant and 75% of adults have decreased lactose activity. Symptoms of lactose intolerance usually occur within 30mins of ingesting lactose.

Lipase is naturally produced in the mouth and especially the tongue, called lingual lipase. The stomach also makes lipase, as does the pancreas. Pancreatic lipase works in the small intestine. Lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids and triglycerides for absorption.

Protease helps digest proteins into amino acids for absorption.

Enzymase is a natural plant based product, supplying enzymes in a vegetarian capsule.

Recommended dose: 1 capsule twice a day before food.

Caution: May not be suitable for people allergic to pineapple.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Enzymase Supplement

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  1. Having been subject to many appointments in 7 different hospitals, with various Gastro Enterologists....
    Ann | (18/02/2015)
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Recommended dose: 1 capsule twice per day with food.
Allergen information: Sulphites.
Cautions: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. 
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach and sight of children. 

Customer Reviews

  1. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Enzymase., Review by Ann
    Speed of delivery

    Having been subject to many appointments in 7 different hospitals, with various Gastro Enterologists. I was given a diagnosis of IBS and basically left to get on with life with a seriously compromised diet, constant pain, fatigue and bloating.

    Thankfully Alison and her wonderful team don't give up that easily. Allison tested me thoroughly and recommended that I try Enzymase. The results have been amazing; even the medical team who were seeing me cannot believe the results.

    I am able to eat a normal diet again, following diagnosis of low lactase, maltase and sucrase enzymes, all of which are supplemented by Metabolics Enzymase.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending not only Enzymase but all of the Metabolics products for their purity and effectiveness. (Posted on 18/02/2015)

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