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Brain supplements

The brain is, arguably, the most important organ in the body as it the central organ of the nervous system and controls most of the activities within the body. It sends instructions to the rest of the body after processing, integrating and coordinating the signals it gets from the sense organs in the body, the organs that enable us to see, smell, hear and taste. As well as being the most important organ, it is also the one that sees the most change throughout a lifetime; the frontal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for executive functions in relation to controlling behaviour such as planning and impulse control, don’t fully develop until around 35 years of age.

Like the rest of our body, the brain needs certain levels of nutrients in order to remain healthy. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the blood are well understood to have a correlation with healthy brain ageing but there is still much that is unknown about the human brain and research is ongoing surrounding the brain and the environmental factors associated with its decline and overall health.

In addition to diet, exercise, sleep, social activities, stress management and intellectually stimulating tasks all play a role in keeping our brains healthy, better mitigating against declines in cognition and memory.

What are nootropic supplements

Nootropics, or nootropic supplements, are natural supplements that are said to support cognitive function specifically, with roles in executive functions of the brain, memory and creativity. The word itself comes from the Ancient Greek words for “mind” and “a turning”.

Nootropics is simply a term for a group of supplements that support brain function but, in recent years, the term has been popularized by the media. This is especially true amongst students revising for exams and gamers with emphasis on heightened focus, which is why many nootropic supplements are formulated with caffeine in some form.

The ageing brain

Gradual mental decline is a normal part of the ageing process, this can include slips in memory and a reduced ability in learning new information or skills as the process of committing new information to memory can take longer than when we are young. Occasional slips in memory are a normal part of the ageing process but are associated with brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease that can lead to dementia; this is not a normal part of the ageing process and if you are concerned that you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms you should seek advice from a healthcare practitioner.

There is a lot of research that promotes a Mediterranean diet in conjunction with regular exercise and brain stimulating activities as a way of remaining healthy and supporting your cognitive function. Specific nutrients that are present in a Mediterranean diet, such as omegas and vitamin B12, can be obtained in measurable amounts through supplementation.

The Metabolics range of cognitive and memory support supplements have been designed to give a breadth of nutritional support to promote healthy brain ageing. As Metabolics manufactures its own supplements, it ensures that no hidden fillers, binders or emulsifiers are used, so that no unnecessary ingredients are present that might disrupt the product’s active ingredient.

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