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Agony And Ecstacy Of Vitamin D Translational Medicine

In the second part of his fascinating presentation at London’s Royal College of Physicians in November 2012, Dr Michael F. Holick PhD MD takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the experiments, case studies and publications of the past 50 years that have shaped his world renowned research into Vitamin D and Calcium.

He introduces us to the associates, colleagues, mentors, research students and notable others who have played their part in helping him unravel and explain the seminal role Vitamin D plays in our health.

From his breakthrough using Vitamin D as the first line in treating psoriasis, to his discovery that sustained intakes of Vitamin D can protect against many common disorders, Dr Holick reinforces his belief that we can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses throughout our lives by maintaining an adequate Vitamin D diet. “Every tissue and cell in your body has a Vitamin D receptor; why would they be there if they weren’t having an effect?”.

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