The potential health benefits of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are often used to garnish exotic dishes and drinks but, beyond their vibrant looks, they could also provide a wealth of health benefits.

In this article ”10 Breathtaking Benefits of Citrus Fruits You Should Know About” by Care2, the author lists several nutritional benefits of citrus consumption including the fibre content, vitamin C content, which also aids iron absorption, and its potassium content.

Each of these nutritious properties work towards maintaining a normal, healthy lifestyle and support the normal function of several elements within the body. From grapefruit to oranges it’s worth considering citrus fruits as part of your diet.

A quarter of Europeans take a daily supplement

For many people, taking vitamins and minerals as a dietary supplement is a part of daily life to ensure they’re getting the right nutrients in their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, as a study reported in the article “Vitamins and supplements on the nutritional agenda for a quarter of Europeans: Survey data” has found, as many as a quarter of Europeans take a vitamin or nutritional supplement daily.europeans take more supplements

The study from the Stada Healthy Report assessed Europeans’ attitudes towards health in general, noting that one of the primary concerns across the continent was becoming dependent in old age. The report suggests that health is increasingly becoming a topic of interest as Europeans strive to be healthier entering old age.

A guide to B vitamins

Further to the findings that many Europeans take a daily supplement, a separate article has covered the role and function of the eight essential B vitamins.

The article ”A complete guide to B vitamins” by Medical News Today looks at the eight types of B vitamin, which are:

-          Thiamin (vitamin B1)

-          Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

-          Niacin (vitamin B3)

-          Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

-          Vitamin B6

-          Biotin (vitamin B7)

-          Folate (vitamin B9)

-          Vitamin B12

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