Orange juice and leafy greens could reduce memory loss in males

A recent study has found that there could be a link between a diet and memory loss. The study reported by Science Daily found that, of the participants, those that ate more leafy greens, as well as dark orange and red vegetables and berry fruits, were less likely to suffer memory loss. The findings were also true of participants who drank more orange juice.

The study is clear to highlight that the findings do not suggest such a diet as a preventative measure but rather that there is a relationship between the two.

Follow up study linking vitamin D and reduced risk of depression

Further to our recent nutrition news round-up, which explored the link between vitamin D levels and our mood, a follow up study has been published that links vitamin D-deficient older adults with a greater risk of depression.

The article entitled "Study links vitamin D-deficient older adults with greater risk of developing depression” commented on a new study from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin. The study looked at the increased risk of depression amongst vitamin D-deficient individuals after a four-year follow up period and found that the increased risk was as much as +75%.

Of the research, the study’s author, Dr Robert Briggs, said “This is the largest representative and most comprehensive study of depression risk and vitamin D status in older adults ever conducted in Ireland.”

mediterranean diet linked to reduced risk of accelerated growth

Mediterranean diet during pregnancy thought to have positive impact on children

A recent study has discovered a link between mothers eating a Mediterranean diet and the growth rate of their child.

The study, covered by Science Daily in this article, looked 2,700 pregnant women and found that a higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet resulted in a 32% lower risk of having children with an accelerated growth pattern.

Characterised by a high fruit, vegetable, olive oil, legume and nut content, the Mediterranean diet has been linked to a host of health benefits but this latest study looks at the impact on children.

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