The best foods to eat for a better night’s sleep

Further to the article we reported on last week on the impact of nutrition on sleeping disorders, a subsequent article has been published listing some of the foods that might be the best to eat for a good night’s sleep.

The article, as published in The Conversation, talks a lot about the impact of the hormone melatonin and its effect on our sleeping patterns. As melatonin levels appear to be greatest influenced by tryptophan, a type of protein found in fish, pulses, beans and lentils, the article suggests that increasing our consumption of these foods could have a positive impact on sleep quality.

Both high and low BMI linked to increased mortality

Researchers from the UK have found a direct link between both a high and a low BMI and increased mortality. The findings of the study published by Medscapesuggest that anyone with a BMI that falls above or below the range of 21 to 25 kg/m2 could be losing years off of their life. The study is one of the largest single cohort studies of its kind and while there are some limitations in the data, such as information surrounding diet and activity level, it quantifies the relationship between BMI and mortality.
link bwteen bmi and increased mortality The study’s authors also note that their population attributable fraction (PAF) calculation indicates that there is a stronger association between being overweight or obese and mortality than being underweight. Overweight and obese contributed to 5.5% of total deaths, whereas underweight contributed to 0.7%. They hypothesised that low BMI was more a consequence of conditions evaluated in the study rather than a cause.

Impact of a vegan diet on diabetes

The results of a UK systematic review suggest that not only could a plant-based diet assist people with type 2 diabetes in losing weight but it could also have significant implications on a person’s wellbeing.

In the article “Vegan Diet Could Help Keep Diabetes Under Control” as published in Medscape, the researchers said, “plant-based diets accompanied by educational interventions can significantly improve…the management of diabetes".

In the review, the researchers evaluated the findings of 11 independent studies that matched their criteria and found that plant-based or vegan diets were associated with “significant improvements in overall quality of life”, both psychologically and physically.

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