Should we be eating more fruit and vegetables?

We all know that our bodies need fruit and vegetables in order to achieve the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle but a recent study, as reported by FoodNavigator, has shown that only 9% of children in the UK are eating the recommended five portions a day.

The report suggests that one in four UK children only get two portions a day while average consumption isn’t much improved, at just 2.9 portions. This follows separate research that has recently been published in Medscape that highlights the link between fruit and vegetable consumption and improved mental health and wellbeing, suggesting that the health benefits are further reaching than just the physical.

The nutrients that support liver health

A host of research has been published recently that explores the relationship between key nutrients and their effect on liver health.

From Glutathione to Choline, the article published in NutraIngredients USA looks at different health studies and the research that links the nutrients with liver health maintenance. magensium for smaller waist sizeCholine in particular is important for liver health as, while it is produced naturally by the liver, 400 mg a day is needed for adults to maintain normal liver function, as stated by the Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA).

Link between Magnesium and healthier BMI

A recent study, as published by NutraIngredients Latin America, has explored the relationship between magnesium and blood sugar levels. As well as noticing a pattern between higher intakes of magnesium and healthier blood sugar levels, the study also noted that, of the 1,573 people examined, there was also a link between magnesium and lower BMI and waist circumference.

It is worth noting that this data shows correlation rather than causation but further studies are needed to explore this association.

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