The health benefits of artichokes

Despite being a regular in the fresh vegetable aisle at the supermarket, there are quite a few common misconceptions about the humble artichoke. The first of these misconceptions is that artichokes are actually a type of thistle, not a vegetable, and research suggests they’re full of health benefits.

In a recent article from the Healthline Mary Jane Brown, PhD, RD, explores eight top alleged health benefits of artichokes including their nutrient content, fibre content for digestive health and its potential to regulate blood pressure.

The article covers many individual studies looking at such benefits as well as the raw nutritional properties of the plant where it is thought to be in the top rankings of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables.

Why herbal antioxidants are increasingly important

A team from the University of Vienna has analysed close to 300,000 scientific papers to uncover why scientists are increasingly focusing on phytochemicals, the biologically active compounds found in plants.

The report from the University of Vienna as published in Medical Xpress found that more scientists are focusing their efforts of studying the likes of phytochemicals, such as curcumin from turmeric, with a view of uncovering further health benefits and seeing them applied in a more targeted way moving forward.

health benefits of quercetin

Quercetin shown to have potential health benefits

An article inMedical News Today has suggested several health benefits of the flavanol quercetin. The flavanol is a sub-category of flavonoids and is found in plants, quercetin can be found in grapes, berries, cherries, apples, broccoli, onions and black tea.

One great benefit of quercetin is the antioxidant properties it has and the article even suggests it can be a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C, E or beta carotene.

Quercetin is also reported to have antibacterial properties and work as an effective antihistamine.

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