The nuts, vitamins and minerals that support heart health

The vitamins and minerals in nuts are known to support a host of normal functions within the body and a number of them are known to support heart health. The article”The trio that can give you a healthy heart” by The Health Site has listed several of these vitamins and minerals as well as their food sources.

The list includes magnesium, which is found in black beans, kidney beans and chickpeas as well as nuts. Magnesium is important for heart health as it contributes to normal muscle function including the heart muscle.

The link between vitamin D and brain health

Research from the University of Queensland has explored the link between vitamin D and brain health. The team behind the study found that vitamin D levels affect a type of ‘scaffolding’ in the brain, called perineural nets, which form a strong, supportive mesh around certain neurons.

how to lose weight safely when you're older

The study, entitled Potential link between vitamin D deficiency and loss of brain plasticity found that vitamin D deficiency reduced perineural nets in the hippocampus, the part of the brain vital to memory formation.

Study finds a way for older people to lose weight safely

While it is important to be a healthy weight in order for the body to function normally, as we age, traditional weight loss techniques can put additional strain on the body. On study, as reported BY Science daily in the article More protein and fewer calories help older people lose weight safely, found that by following a high protein, low calorie diet, older people can lose weight whilst retaining muscle mass and bone quality.

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