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Book a telephone consultation with our trained Nutritional Therapist

Who should book? For both new and old Metabolics customers who have a question about our products or their nutrition generally. There is no obligation to purchase, advice is always centered around nutrients that can be obtained through either food or supplementing the diet.

How do I book? Please provide details when you book including your name, phone number and details of what you'd like some advice with.  Providing a clear and detailed summary will help Becky be able to best assist you. We'll then phone you at the date and time selected.

How much is a consultation? The session is free.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

'Nutritional therapy practitioners use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows them to work with individuals to address nutritional balance and help support the body towards maintaining health'.

About our Nutritional Therapist


Fully qualified and insured Nutritional Therapist Rebecca King is based in Wiltshire. As a member of the professional body BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) who oversees the activities, training and continuing professional development of practitioners, she is abreast of the latest nutritional developments and research.

She is also registered with CNHC (Complementary and National Healthcare Council) who are bound by the highest standards of conduct.

Speaking of her background as a Nutritional Therapist, Rebecca said, "My passion for nutrition began when I decided to have a family, I had a desire to understand the importance of giving my body the correct nutrients to grow a baby as well as support myself through pregnancy. This aspiration took me to the College of Naturopathic Medicine where I did a three-year extensive Nutrition Course and became qualified as a Nutritional Therapist." "Alongside my busy practice, I also work for Metabolics as a Nutritional Advisor giving individual advice. You may have a quick question that you want to ask or something a little more complex which may take a little longer for me to investigate but if you book in a slot, we can discuss your unique needs. "