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Detoxification Seminar- DVD and Manual

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Did You Miss Our Detoxification Seminar?

Fortunately we recorded the whole seminar, which is available on DVD and manual.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

  • The effect of toxins made by the body and those that the body is exposed to.
  • The effect of heavy metals and radiation on the body, where the body stores them and diseases associated with particular heavy metals.
  • Foods highest in heavy metals.
  • How to diagnose and detoxify heavy metals, particularly Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead and Mercury.
  • Chemtrails, toxic aircraft cabin air, organophosphates, organochlorines
  • Toxicity of plasticides, BPA/BPS, Glyphosate, Phthalates and other chemicals
  • Improving function of organs of elimination including colon, liver, kidneys skin and lymphatic drainage.

The Details

JJoin us for our new series of seminars hosted by Alison Astill-Smith, Director and Founder of Metabolics Ltd. Following on from her successful UK tour for the Gluten Sensitivity and Understanding Fat seminar series, Alison is moving onto cover the topic of detoxification. We all live in a toxic world and our natural detoxification systems are becoming overwhelmed Learn how to detoxify your liver, kidneys, gut and skin safely and how to identify toxins that may be making you tired and exhausting your mitochondria. Learn the sources of toxins and how to avoid them, chelating nutrients and genetic flaws that contribute to poor detoxification.


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