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Enzymase Pro3 (Pot Of 120 Capsules)

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Why Take Metabolics Enzymase Pro3?

Gluten, quite simply is the sticky part of cereal containing foods, particularly wheat, rye and barley. It gives dough its elasticity and bread products their chewy texture. In fact the word “gluten” comes from the Latin word for glue. Gluten is hard for some people to digest and if undigested can result in bloating, flatulence and in non celiac gluten sensitive individuals, memory, joint or autoimmune problems. Gluten sensitive individuals should avoid Gluten for optimum health but this isn’t always possible, and gluten is often hidden in foods that restaurants may be unaware of as thickeners, soy sauce, seasonings and grain alcohols such as beer, gin or vodka.

PRO3 contains 3 peptidases which are enzymes that can degrade or split the long chain protein molecules into smaller free form peptides that can be absorbed by the body without the immune system attacking them. It contains both endopeptidases (able to split the middle portion of the molecule) and exopeptidase (able to cleave off the end portions of the gluten molecule that have particularly strong bonds.) This is the main enzyme capable of splitting the gluten molecule and is known as DPP-IV or dipeptidyl peptidase IV. In healthy individuals this enzyme is secreted by the microvilli of the small intestine to break down protein molecules, including milk proteins. The 3 peptidases in PRO3 are effective in pHs of 2-8.5. That is stomach acidity to bile alkalinity.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Enzymase Pro3 (Pot Of 120 Capsules)

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  1. Amazing product ! ! I am a nineteen year old male, since i can remember i've...
    JB | (23/11/2016)
  2. This has helped me a hugely and corrected my digestive process. I have being trying...
    Aylajane | (02/04/2016)
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Customer Reviews

  1. Amazing product ! !, Review by JB
    Speed of delivery

    Amazing product ! !
    I am a nineteen year old male, since i can remember i've had bloating, stomach pains, flatulence, feeling tired, constant misery ! !
    i was able to see a dietician, who told me i was gluten, wheat and dairy intolerant.
    OMG ! !
    she advised me to try this product, Enzymase Pro3, it has changed my life ! !
    i have been taking this product for two months now, i can eat normal food, i feel fantastic, loads of energy and no stomach pains.
    after all these years i am living a normal teenage life.
    Thank you Metabolics (Posted on 23/11/2016)

  2. It works..., Review by Aylajane
    Speed of delivery

    This has helped me a hugely and corrected my digestive process. I have being trying to "sort this for a years".I am grateful to the practitioner who suggested them.Thanks for the invention! (Posted on 02/04/2016)

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