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Dr. Robert Abel On Eye Health From Infancy To Old Age


A Short Video Introduction From Dr. Robert Abel

Who is Dr. Robert Abel?

Dr. Robert Abel Metabolics Seminar Speaker

Dr. Abel integrates modern medicine, alternative remedies, nutrition and natural options in order to connect eye care with general health. His mission is to provide people with holistic solutions to eye care.

He has also contributed to the translation of ancient Ayurvedic eye therapies. Dr. Abel has written over 120 scientific articles and 20 chapters in medical books. He has also authored the The Eye Care Revolution, The DHA story, The Best Supplements For Your Health, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, Lethal Hindsight and the Lumiseries.

Dr Abel completed his ophthalmology residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital and was a Cornea Fellow at the University of Florida. A board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Abel is on the staff of the Christiana Care Health System. He is a former Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University.

He founded and has been Medical Director of the Medical Eye Bank of Delaware since 1981. He teaches locally and internationally on numerous subjects, including cornea, cataract and nutrition. He instructs the Cornea Microsurgery Workshops at the Academy of Ophthalmology meetings annually.

Dr. Abel has performed over 17,000 eye surgeries and helped found three eye banks. He holds patents on artificial corneas and received the senior honor award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) where he helped create the Committee for International Ophthalmology. He has spent 30 years teaching eye surgery courses nationally and has taught eye surgery in many other countries. Dr. Abel has long been a nationally renowned teacher of conventional eye therapy and has done research on pharmacology, contact lenses and cornea transplantation.

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He currently practices with Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants, but does Tai Chi Ch'uan and studies alternative medicine systems in his spare time.

Dr. Abel co-founded the alternative medicine curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University where he was a former clinical professor of ophthalmology.

Dr Abel has too many awards, professional & societal appointments to list here but further information is available on request.

What Will Dr. Abel Cover at This Metabolics Seminar?

  • He will be covering: Greater incidence of Macular Degeneration in women
  • Prevention of common ocular disorders
  • Tips to avoid dry eyes
  • Ocular and Systemic complications of sleep disturbances (includes blindness, stroke, breast cancer and greater incidence of Alzheimer's)
  • Diagnosis and treatments of Thyroid and The Eye
  • My recommendations for supplements for women
  • UV Light
  • Dietary indiscretions
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Stress
  • Comparison of benefits of aerobic exercise, yoga and Tai Chi
  • Becoming your own medical detective
  • The caduceus, symbol of medicine, represents both rational and intuitive thinking
  • Complimentary therapies for Eye Health
  • The liver is the only source of nutrition for the eye health and functions best at night

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Dr. Robert Abel's Book

Although it's not a pre-requisite, Dr Abel often finds attendees get more from his seminars if they're familiar with some of his work, much of which is available in his book "The Eye Care Revolution"

Metabolics are delighted to annouce that Dr. Robert Abel will be speaking at The Royal College of Physicians of London on the 16th March 2013.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online or by calling our sales team on +441380812799 to place an order over the phone.

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