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Causes of “Leaky Gut”- and how this is affected by diet, supplements, exercise and stress. Full product description

My Personal Experience

This seminar is born out of my own personal experience with fibromyalgia and progressive joint pain. My pain was so severe that with a family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis I was pretty sure I had early onset RA. Although blood tests showed no RA, subsequent tests showed elevated thyroid antibodies. One of my daughters was also complaining of disturbing symptoms of dizziness and excruciating pain after any exercise at the age of 14. After extensive research I began to explore the relationship between gluten and autoimmunity. By removing all gluten from our diets both of us are now completely symptom free. This seminar condenses my weeks of research in this area into a single day and covers all factors than associated with a “leaky gut” and glutens relationship with autoimmune responses.

What Will I Learn?

  • Why so many people react to modern wheat 
  • GMO in grain
  • Cross reactivity 
  • Causes of “Leaky Gut”- and how this is affected by diet, supplements, exercise and stress. 
  • Simple techniques for aiding gut drainage Gluten and its effect on the gut, thyroid, brain and joints - Non celiac gluten sensitivity
  • The Gluten/milk connection
  • The importance of A2 milk
  • Anti-Nutrients and other factors contributing to autoimmune disease
  • Reversing autoimmune conditions
  • Biofilms in the gut – what are they and how they can be changed
  • Understanding tests that can detect genetic predisposition to gluten, tests for gluten sensitivity


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