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Metabolics is committed to a sustainable future

Metabolics is committed to a sustainable future; as such we try to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.  In turn, this give you piece of mind that your supplements are manufactured in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Renewable Energy

At Metabolics, our energy is supplied on a 100% green energy tariff from Ecotricity.  This means that all the energy used in the manufacture, and processing of your order is supplied in its entirety from wind farms.


We recycle as much as we possibly can.  All office and production waste is separated out so that only the minimal amount of refuse goes in general waste.  All the packaging materials that we receive are also recycled.


When purchasing consumables we always try and use FSC paper, recycled or biodegradable packaging materials and environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Even the bubblewrap we use for packing orders is 100% biodegradable.


As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we have achieved ISO:14001 accreditation.

ISO:14001 accreditation provides Metabolics customers with the assurance that the organisation’s environmental impact is being measured and improved.  We are externally audited to ensure we are maintaining a low environmental impact, whilst continuing to try and find ways to reduce it further.

Metabolics’ Commitment To Quality

Metabolics manufactures to cGMP standards.  This means we use standardised processes and manufacturing documentation to ensure the identity, purity, quality, strength and composition of all Metabolics supplements.

We also have rigorous procurement processes to ensure we only use suppliers and raw materials of the highest quality.


In addition to this, we have quality management systems in place which are designed to ensure an effective quality assurance platform, which gives our customers piece of mind that Metabolics products are manufactured to high standards.

Again, this is something we are externally audited against and we have achieved ISO:9001 accreditation.



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