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Metabolics Antioxidant (Pot of 120 capsules)

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Antioxidant Formula

Metabolics antioxidant formula supplies a safe, effective and broad range of antioxidants including phytochemicals from Olive Leaf, Turmeric, Green Tea, Broccoli, Marine Pine bark, Lutein (from marigold flowers) and Astaxanthin contained in an algae known as haematococcus pluvius.

In addition to well recognised antioxidant vitamins, Vitamin C, E, D3 and Beta Carotene. CoQ10 that is naturally produced in the body, as part of the energy cycle is also protective to free radicals and Alpha Lipoic Acid which is easily able to cross the blood brain barrier and enter the glial cells where metals can accumulate.

Antioxidants are nutrients that can counteract oxidation of our cells. Each cell has a protective fatty acid membrane and oxidative stress occurs when harmful molecules known as free radicals, which are highly unstable, rush around your body trying to stabilise themselves by giving or taking electrons from your body molecules. This causes damage to the tissues that they grab electrons off or give electrons to, such as cells, protein or even DNA.

Free radicals that contain oxygen are known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) such as the superoxide or hydroxyl radical and are the most significant in the body. Free radicals come from both inside (aerobic respiration) and outside the body (pollution, sunlight, exercise, smoking and alcohol).

Antioxidants neutralise free radicals, but in doing so are used up and therefore constantly need to be replaced. When free radicals grab or release an electron from another molecule it leaves that one in a free radical state. This then rushes around looking for another one to stabilise itself, creating a “free radical chain reaction”.

Antioxidants either quench the free radical, terminating the oxidative chain or prevent the free radical chain reaction by scavenging the free radicals and preventing the chain occurring in the first place.

The efficacy of an antioxidant depends on how and where the free radical is generated and which one is involved.

Recommended Dose: 2 capsules twice per day with food.

This product is suitable for vegetarians.

Anti Oxidant

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  1. My chiropractor recommended I take a months supply of Anti-Oxidant to help build my immune...
    Lizzie | (28/03/2013)
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Recommended dose: 2 capsules twice per day with food.
Allergen information: None.
Cautions: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. 
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach and sight of children. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Anti-Oxidant - Worth taking!, Review by Lizzie

    My chiropractor recommended I take a months supply of Anti-Oxidant to help build my immune system as I had repeatedly been getting a flu like virus. I was feeling low and no energy. It worked one month on feeling much better and no symptoms since taking the capsules. (Posted on 28/03/2013)

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