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Prof. Ian Grierson Speaker Bio - Metabolics Annual Conference 2015

Ian Grierson did his initial degrees at Glasgow University and started work in Eye Pathology and Ophthalmology in the Tennent Institute in Glasgow with Professor Bill Lee, the distinguished ocular pathologist. He left there in 1977 to take up a lectureship in the Pathology Department of the Institute of Ophthalmology in London where he rose to be deputy head of that Department and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Pathologists.

Thereafter he left London to become Head of Ophthalmology at the St Pauls Eye Department in Liverpool a position from which he has just stood down after 17 years in post. He was made Professor of Experimental Pathology in 1989 and is currently Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology in the Department of Eye and Vision Sciences, University of Liverpool.

Professor Grierson also holds an honorary Professorship in Optometry in the University of Wales, Cardiff, he is a Special Trustee for Moorfields Eye Hospital and he is on numerous advisory panels. He runs an active research investigating the relationships with ageing and eye disease with a particular interest in dry eye, glaucoma and AMD. Also he runs a consultancy firm (EyeDee.UK) that advises on vision and nutrition.

He promotes better diet and the appropriate use of supplements and has written 4 recipe books for charities associated with loss of vision. Another area of involvement is in health and safety and he is editor of a magazine for care homes called “Focus on Care”. He is or has been an editor of six ocular journals, has been awarded numerous international honours and has published nearly 300 scientific articles.

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