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Video Production Tour

(This video is best watched with sound)

For those of you that haven't received all our previous emails, we upgraded our manufacturing facility a while ago and now all our products are manufactured in a clean room environment.

This has caused quite a lot of interest because as you know, there are few supplement manufacturers that genuinely manufacture in the UK, and even fewer that manufacture in a clean room environment.

We know there are some manufacturers with very good facilities and procedures, however there are others that manufacture in little better than a home kitchen. We understand that practitioners need to have confidence in their supplement manufacturers which is why I would invite you to inspect all of your supplement manufacturers where possible, they should be proud to show you how they manufacture the products you take. In light of this we would welcome you to visit and see round our facility; however I know that's not always practical. Instead I've put together a brief "behind the scenes" tour for you to demonstrate how a product goes all the way through our production process.

Before we look at the process, during the video you will hear the "clean air" system mentioned but let me explain to you how the clean air filtration works. What most people think is that the clean air filters suck normal air from within the room. What actually happens is that the filters pump clean air into a room which then displaces the normal air. This all has to be carefully set up and calibrated to create a "pressure cascade". We set different areas as having different priorities. For example any manufacturing area will have the highest priority rating and will therefore get clean air direct from the filter systems. These areas get the highest positive "over-pressure". The air from these areas cascades into the next, lower priority areas (such as storage and walkways), which in turn displace into areas at atmospheric pressure (areas outside of production). This means that air is always moving from the highest over pressure (and priority) to the lowest air pressure (and lowest priority).

Each room has a large HEPA filtration unit installed in the ceiling, this fills the area with clean air which pushes the normal air out, this air follows the pressure cascade through special vents in the doors and walls. The air follows this pattern until it vents to the outside world.