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Vitamin D The D-Lightful Solution For Good Health

Vitamin D. Not a vitamin, explains Dr Michael F. Holick PhD MD, but a hormone made in the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. However, are we getting enough?

Dr Holick, renowned worldwide for his research into Vitamin D and Calcium and happily admitting to have been talking on the subject for more than 40 years, thinks not.

In this presentation at London’s Royal College of Physicians in November 2012, he provides a broad overview of Vitamin D and his recommendations for the effective evaluation, treatment and prevention of Vitamin D deficiency. He outlines his belief that Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide pandemic; much more common than we think, even in healthy adults, and undoubtedly associated with obesity.

Seeking to explain why we are all at risk of Vitamin D deficiency, Dr Holick explores the importance of Vitamin D and it’s association with a wide range of diseases and disorders including osteoporosis, MS and heart disease. It is, he says, “the most D-lightful hormone for good health”.

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