Could fish oil supplements enhance the benefits of resistance training in older people?

While it is widely understood that exercise is beneficial during the ageing process, a recent study from researchers at New Mexico State University, California State Polytechnic University and Florida Atlantic University found that fish oil supplements may actually enhance these benefits.

It is important to stay active to retain muscle function and strength as muscle mass can decline with age. Resistance training has proven to help combat this muscle-mass decline and, what is interesting as this article by NutraIngredients-USAsuggests, is that fish oil supplementation can further enhance these benefits.

The study used a control group, with no resistance training or fish oil capsules, a resistance training only group and a group that followed a programme of resistance training and fish oil supplementation, which provided a daily dose of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), as Metabolics Omega 3 does. The study found that the group that participated in resistance training and fish oil supplementation saw the greatest results of supported muscle and vascular function.

Study shows that drinking tea could support brain health

We’ve discussed in previous Nutrition News articles the benefits of drinking tea, but a recent article titled, “Drinking tea improves brain health, study suggests” by Science Daily suggests that the benefits may extend to brain health.

The article looks at a study conducted by the National University of Singapore and found that, when comparing tea drinkers to non-tea drinkers, tea drinkers have better organised brain regions. The research team found that, from those studied, those who drank green tea, oolong tea, or black tea at least four times a week over a period of about 25 years had brain regions that were interconnected in a far more efficient way.

This suggests that green tea and green tea supplements could have a beneficial effect in supporting brain health through the ageing process.

What this means is that tea drinkers may be better supported against age-related brain organisation decline. The article clarifies that more research is needed to better understand the effect on cognition during the ageing process but the findings are promising.

coriander health benefits

The potential health benefits of coriander

Coriander may be a popular herb in many dishes such as curries and salsa, but it may also hold a wealth of health benefits according to this article by Healthline.

As coriander is a great source of vitamin A, it contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, supporting skin health. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants and holds anti-inflammatory properties.

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