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  1. Nutrition News 13th February

    Nutrition News 13th February

    From the numerous health benefits of collagen to the small change we can make to mushrooms to make them more nutritious, this week’s Nutrition News looks at a wide range of nutritional studies and... READ MORE
  2. Nutrition News 5th February

    Nutrition News 5th February

    Is our food not as nutritious as it once was? One health expert debates the declining state of our crops as public demand grows. Read more and this and other nutritional studies in this week’s... READ MORE
  3. Nutrition News 29th January

    Nutrition News 29th January

    New research suggests that vitamin D may have a role in health beyond strong bones and that choline is important for more than just liver function. Read all the latest nutrition based studies in this... READ MORE
  4. Nutrition News 22nd January

    Nutrition News 22nd January

    Gut health and heart health are the two key themes of this week’s Nutrition News where the most recent nutritional studies look at the impact of walnuts, prebiotics and green tea in the... READ MORE
  5. Nutrition News 15th January

    Nutrition News 15th January

    Is your child getting the right nutrition balance in their school lunch? A new study suggests that they may not. Read all the latest nutritional studies... READ MORE
  6. Nutrition News 8th January

    Nutrition News 8th January

    In a move to increase folate intake, especially in pregnant women, researchers are calling on the UK government to make folic acid fortification mandatory in the UK. Read more on this and other... READ MORE
  7. Nutrition News 3rd January

    Nutrition News 3rd January

    The first Nutrition News of the New Year looks at what we should and should not be eating in order to stay healthy in body and mind. Read it in full here to find out whether you should be eating... READ MORE
  8. Nutrition News 11th December

    Nutrition News 11th December

    Does what you eat impact your mental health as well as your physical health? Find out this and the results of other nutritional studies in this week’s Nutrition... READ MORE
  9. Nutrition News 4th December

    Nutrition News 4th December

    Should you really be eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away? Find out in this week’s Nutrition News as well as the reasons why you should be monitoring your choline intake and how green... READ MORE
  10. Nutrition News 27th November

    Nutrition News 27th November

    <p>With fewer hours of daylight in the winter months, the British Nutrition Foundation is warning of the increasing dangers of vitamin D deficiency, especially in the younger UK... READ MORE
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