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Parafungal Shield


This new improved formula replaces our Undecyne product and will continue to support your body in its defence against parasites.

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What is Metabolics Parafungal Shield?

We have reformulated the Metabolics Undecyne product to the new Parafungal Shield. This is due to raw material sourcing issues with Calcium undecylenate so the decision has been made to replace it with a plant-based ingredient with strong anti-fungal properties (Oregano extract). Because we have removed Calcium Undecylenate, we can no longer call this ‘Undecyne’.

This new improved formula will continue to support your body in its defence against parasites. The formula retains the other original ingredients in the Undecyne with the addition of Oregano extract.

What is Metabolics Parafungal Shield for?

This new improved formula will continue to support your body in its defence against parasites, much like our Paralite product. It is different from Paralite in that it is designed to make your body as inhospitable to parasites as possible through its use of Betaine HCl to improve stomach acid conditions. This improves  the digestion of food particle so that less food is available to parasites. It contains Bentonite clay to absorb the toxins that parasites can create, which is support by the antifungal properties of the ingredients grapefruit seed extract and oregano extract.

Parafungal Sheild Ingredients:

Betaine HCl is a great source of acidity for improved digestion. Less undigested food means less for the parasites to feed on.

Bentonite clay, or montmorillonite composed of volcanic ash, which produces an electrical charge when hydrated. When in contact with fluid, the electrical components change giving it the ability to absorb toxins (that parasites create).

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) also known as Citrus seed extract is derived from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit. It contains polyphenolic compounds and has powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is reported, as shown in this 2002 anti-fungal study, to be effective against many bacterial, viral and fungal strains and a large number of single celled parasites (ie. giardia).

Oregano extract contains compounds known as phenols, terpenes and terpenoids. The most abundant phenol, Carvacrol, is suggested to have widespread anti-microbial activity, as illustrated in this 2012 antimicrobial study, and Thymol, an antifungal and antibacterial agent.

Who is Metabolics Parafungal Shield for?

This product is for people who need to support their body’s defences against parasites. Designed to make your body as inhospitable to parasites as possible, it contains several ingredients that act as a general support. The Betaine HCl supports stomach acid conditions to improve digestion of food particles so less food is available to parasites, whereas the Bentonite clay absorbs toxins that parasites can create. These ingredients are then further supported by the antifungal ingredients grapefruit seed and oregano extract.

Why use Metabolics Parafungal Shield

Metabolics is a family owned business that has been established for over 25 years. It was started by our director, Alison Astill-Smith who is a practising osteopath and nutritionist; she started Metabolics because she was unhappy with the food supplements available on the market for her own clients. Instead, she wanted supplements that weren’t full of binders and fillers, so Metabolics was created to fulfil that need for purer supplements with simple ingredient lists.

Parafungal Shield was created to replace Undecyne, both products were formulated by Alison and her close team, so customers can rest assured that, as with all Metabolics products, it has gone through a stringent development process to deliver the best supplement product.

Food supplements made to GMP standards.

Made in our clean room facility, here in the UK.

ISO accredited ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 accredited.


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"Very professionally packaged, no smell or taste from capsules."
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"Pure, excellent quality. No additives or filers. If you want a pure product choose Metabolics."
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Each capsule contains:
Oregano Extract
Bentonite Clay
150 mg
Betaine HCl
150 mg
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No Gluten Containing IngredientsNo Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Nut Containing IngredientsNo Nut Containing Ingredients
Recommended dose 1 capsule per day with food. The stated recommended dose can be changed as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed this recommended dose. Consume within 3 months of opening.
If pregnant or breast feeding, consult your health care practitioner before using. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.
Serving Size: 1 capsule