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Calcium Citrate Malate (Pot of 90 capsules)


An ideal supplemental dose of calcium delivered in a highly soluble, highly bioavailable and well tolerated form.

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Calcium Citrate Malate Supplements

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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. 99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth and the rest in soft tissues. It is found in high amounts in dairy products. It is vital to maintain blood calcium levels for normal cell function. The body will actually demineralize bone to maintain normal blood calcium levels.

Why Should I Take A Calcium Supplement?

  • Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. The mineral content of bone is mainly hydroxyapatite crystals, a structural matrix of calcium and phosphate. This gives bone its strength.
  • Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting. Calcium ions are needed to activate 7 vitamin K dependent clotting proteins and a protein called fibrinogen. Without adequate levels of calcium and vitamin K, blood takes longer to clot.
  • Calcium contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism. The flow of calcium in and out of the cell is vital to cell energy production. A study in 2010 a study found that calcium cell signalling is essential in the cell. This means that calcium ions are transferred from the endoplasmic reticulum to the mitochondria. Without this mechanism the cells started eating themselves! (Autophagy). Also with age, cellular metabolism of cells slows and at a certain stage calcium concentration results in cell death (apoptosis).
  • Calcium contributes to normal muscle function. Muscle fibres contain calcium channels in their cell membranes. When a muscle fibre is stimulated by a nerve impulse to contract these cell membrane calcium channels open, letting calcium into the muscle cell. The calcium ions bind to proteins in the cell that lead to muscle contraction.
  • Calcium contributes to normal neurotransmission. Similarly with nerves, when a nerve is stimulated, calcium channels in the nerve axon open, letting calcium into the neuron. These calcium ions trigger the release of the neurotransmitter (chemical) into the synapse (or gap) between it and the next nerve to complete the message.
  • Calcium contributes to normal function of digestive enzymes. Calcium ions activate digestive enzymes from the extracellular fluids and stimulate the pancreas to release its enzymes. Here the input of calcium is changed by hormonal signals to the cells.
  • Calcium plays a role in the process of cell division and specialisation. Calcium ions are important in the right concentration during the different phases of cell division after fertilisation and are regulated by the cells themselves. The increase of calcium ions may initiate the chromosome separation. As the calcium ion is a universal intracellular messenger and can control the cellular process of gene transcription, it follows that it can modulate cell specialisation.

    It is important to remember that vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus and normal blood calcium levels, so adequate intake of vitamin D is vital (see vitamin D3/K2).

    Calcium is best absorbed in an acid environment and in well documented studies; calcium citrate has demonstrated superior bioavailability. Calcium malate is also a highly bioavailable source of Calcium, the calcium salt of malic acid. This calcium product can be taken on an empty stomach or with food. However phytates found in cereals and teas can form insoluble complexes with calcium reducing its absorbability.

    The Recommended Daily Allowance of Calcium alters with the different stage of life. Although broadly set at 800mg/day, according to the Institute of Medicine, 4-18 year olds should have 1000-1300mg/day, 19-50 year olds 1200mg/day and over 50’s 1,200mg for women and 1,000 mg for men.

    Adequate intake of a calcium supplement is dependent on the level of dietary calcium, and the RDAs given are elemental calcium (not the compound). Each capsule of Metabolics Calcium Citrate/Malate supplies 10% RDA of calcium.

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    ISO accredited ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 accredited.

    This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


"Too early to say. I bought them to help my bones knit after a multiple ankle break / set of 6 fractures. I'm in my mid-50s and the bones are knitting as the consultants predicted, so hard to say if the pills have helped. That said, I'm now 9 weeks post accident and at the stage where I'm in a boot and can put weight on the broken leg - the ankle feels strong and I've had no problem walking (in the boot) for the first time in 9 weeks. Swelling has also reduced quite a lot recently after being obstinately fixed for the first 7-8 weeks ... so maybe some gains ?"
Charles Winston | Posted 1 year ago | Read full review
"This was recommended by my kinesiologist who used mainly your products, i have tried to get this combination here in the USA and couldn't find it i believe this is a high quality way to take calcium"
Elizabeth Green | Posted 3 years ago | Read full review
"hard to find the calcium with the citrate and the malate so very useful you have it. Calcium can be of differing quality hopefully i am sure this is of high quality and therefore efficacious"
Elizabeth Green | Posted 3 years ago | Read full review
"They seem to work! I have taken them for many months."
Trusted Customer | Posted 4 years ago | Read full review
"Metabolics - a trusted brand"
Ian Barrett | Posted 4 years ago | Read full review
Each capsule contains:
84 mg
11 %
† Nutrient Reference Value (NRV*) not established

Calcium Citrate, Calcium Malate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (capsule).

No Gluten Containing IngredientsNo Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Nut Containing IngredientsNo Nut Containing Ingredients
Recommended dose 1 capsule per day with food. The stated recommended dose can be changed as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed this recommended dose. Consume within 3 months of opening.
If pregnant or breast feeding, consult your health care practitioner before using. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Store in cool, dry place out of reach of children.
Serving Size: 1 capsule