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Monthly Archives: September 2019

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  1. Nutrition News 25th September

    Nutrition News 25th September

    This week’s Nutrition News looks at three very interesting health articles, including the Public Health England report on the UK’s sugar reduction and whether nuts can help reduce weight... READ MORE
  2. Nutrition News 18th September

    Nutrition News 18th September

    Resistance training has long been considered an effective way of improving muscle function as we age but a recent study has found that fish oil supplementation could further enhance the effects... READ MORE
  3. Nutrition News 11th September

    Nutrition News 11th September

    Do different varieties of banana contain different levels of nutrients? Can wasabi prevent food poisoning? All these questions and more are answered from studies covered in this week’s Nutrition... READ MORE
  4. Nutrition News 5th September

    Nutrition News 5th September

    It would appear that not all apples are created equal, according to this week’s Nutrition News, and red wine may hold similar health benefits. Read the report in full... READ MORE